Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School, Bhopal
O Mother of Knowledge, Lead us from the Darkness of Ignorance to the Light of Knowledge

Vice Chairman's Message

Dear Students,

Nearly Fifty years ago Public School Education was available to a small elite section of our society but one is happy to note that the same and even better education is available in schools like Kamla Nehru at a much lesser cost. Mass participation is the key to our future success in sports at the International level because it gives a better scope for selection and training at a higher level. I am glad that this school is following the same policy.

Main purpose of education is to create curiosity and awareness in young minds. Human brain is more complicated than any sophisticated computer system. Children need to be told and trained that everyday they have not only to update but add to the information already available in their brains. God has given ears to hear, eyes to observe and voice to enquire about any new things. Through use of these facilities we can constantly add on to our existing knowledge. So much new Research and Developments are taking place in the world that total amount of knowledge gets doubled within a span of seven years. One who is not adding on or learning new things is getting out of date and decreasing his utility to society and rest of the world.

Awareness about Wild Life, Environments and Warming of Earth are all very important and I am glad that these subjects are receiving due attention.

Medical fitness, Personal Hygiene and awareness about nutrition are necessary for every student. I am glade that our institute arranges for an annual medical check-up for all students. Such things will not only improve percentage of attendance but also lead to better performance in academics and an all round improvement in performance of students which is the ultimate aim of all our educational institution.


(IPS) (Rtd. DGP, MP)

Vice Chairman (KNHS)