Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School, Bhopal
O Mother of Knowledge, Lead us from the Darkness of Ignorance to the Light of Knowledge

Cool Creative Hungama

There is so much competition for our children in today’s world — academics, co-curricular activities, sports practices, summer school, etc., that balancing school schedules, homework, and extracurricular activities doesn't leave much room for play. There is more to learning than test taking and achieving good grades. After a hectic schedule of studies and exam this gives time to relax and energises them for the next session, and also provides a platform to show their hidden talent and creativity, develop competitive spirit and above all strengthens them physically and mentally. Summer camp is an opportunity for children to be exposed to a full range of emotions and human experiences including homesickness, friendship, disagreements, team work, frustrations, jubilant success, and more. Kamla Nehru Hr. Sec. School has been organizing the Cool Creative Hungama - Summer Camp for last eight years and every year students from different schools participate enthusiastically in various activities. Cool Creative Hungama offers a variety of activities such as Karate, Roller-Skating, Yoga, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Dance, Art & Craft and Computers. It provides children with the opportunity to try new activities. Children get to reinvent themselves at camp and be who they truly want to be, which helps them to build confidence and self-esteem.

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