Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School, Bhopal
O Mother of Knowledge, Lead us from the Darkness of Ignorance to the Light of Knowledge

Annual Report

Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School is located in Kamla Nagar Kotra Sultanabad area of Bhopal City. Our school is an ISO 9001:2015 certified school. It is providing quality education at affordable fees to students since 1987. School has evolved its education system and facilities through modern technologies. All classrooms have Interactive Board, LCD Projector and Online content. School has elevator for physically challenged persons. School is selected for ATL by NITI Ayog and has been awarded FIT India Flag. School has NCC Army Certificate and Scout-Guides program. We have associated with Police Battalion to provide training to NCC cadets. We work closely with NGOs towards the social and environmental causes. Students regularly participate and have won medals in National and International events. HD CCTV network of school is connected to online system of Police Authority. School has Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Roller Skating, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Martial Arts, Yoga, Table Tennis, Chess faculties. School has Solar Power System and Rain Water Harvesting System.

Our vision is to transmute students into worthy global citizens, who bring joy and help to their country, city and family through their exemplary human values and knowledge turned skills. And to Impart result oriented quality education by implementing innovative methods & modern technologies from Primary to Higher Secondary.

EMAIL: kamla.nehru.school@gmail.com

TELEPHONE: +91 755 2762130, +91 755 4244355


PERIOD OF AFFILIATION: Till 2025-26 academic session

DETAILS OF INFRASTRUCTURE:School has 50 fully equipped modern classrooms with LCD projectors, digital touch screen boards and CBSE curriculum based interactive online content. School also has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computers and English Language Laboratory. The school has an excellent computer lab with one-on-one access for the students with Hi-Speed internet. The school library has a wide range of reading resources, with a collection of E-books and 27000+ books, variety of Magazines, dailies and journals.The school’s Music room is situated away from the main academic building so it does not create any distractions. The school also has a multipurpose hall to accommodate students and/or teachers for seminars and workshops. There is an activity room for Kindergarten and Primary Students. Water coolers with RO filter for clean drinking water. Separate toilets for Boys and Girls on all the floors, along with 3 disabled friendly Toilets. The school has an elevator with power backup for those who are sick, injured and physically challenged. The school has a well equipped sick room with beds, wheelchair, and medical devices to check temperature, blood pressure, etc. The school has well maintained indoor and outdoor play stations for different age groups. The school has a fleet of mini buses and buses fitted with GPS plus CCTV system, covering the entire city for picking students and teachers. The entire school premises (inside and outside) is covered day and night by more than 170 High definition CCTV cameras for surveillance, an online feed of which has been connected with local police department’s online platform.




Teacher Name



1 Mrs. NIDHI TRIVEDI NTT CO-ORDINATOR B.S.c. (Bot.Zoo., Chem.), M.Sc.(Chem.), B.Ed., CTET, PG Dip. In Psychological Counselling
2 Mrs. JAYANTHI NAIDU NTT B.Com. (Comm.), Diploma Teacher Training
3 Mrs. LATA SINGH NTT B.A. (Political Science, Economics, Sociology), NTT
4 Mrs. MONIKA CHANCHALANI NTT B.C.A., Diploma in Child Edu. & Applied Psychology (NTT)
5 Mrs. NEHA JAIN NTT B..A. (Eng.Lit., History, Sociology), M.A. (English), B.Ed.
6 Mrs. RAMA RAO NTT B.Com.(Comm.), B.Ed, Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training, NTT (Certificate of MS-Office)
7 Mrs. SHILPEE MESHRAM NTT B.A. (Political Sci., Sociology, Economics), M.A. (English Lit.) PGDCA, NTT
8 Mrs. SHWETA AGARWAL NTT B.H.M.S.(Homeopathic Material Medical, Organon of medicine),Diploma in Nursery & Primary Teacher Training ,B.Ed.
10 Mrs. TANU SHARMA NTT B.Sc.(Chemistry, Botany, Zoology), PGDBM (Production, Financial, Marketing & Human Resource Mgmt.), NTT
11 Mrs. ANCY DENNY PRT CO-ORDINATOR B.C.A., (Computer) , M.Sc. (Computer)
12 Mrs. ADITI CHATURVEDI PRT B.A. (Socio., Eng.Lit., Home Sci.), M.C.A., M.Sc.(IT) B.Ed., DOEACC Course ('o' level), Certificate of National Typing Centre, Computer Course
13 Mrs. ANSHU CHATURVEDI PRT B.A. (Eng., Sanskrit, History), M.A., (Eng & Sansk.), B.Ed. M.A. (Psychology)
14 Mrs. ANUPRIYA NIGAM PRT B.Sc.(Chem.), M.A.(English), B.Ed.
15 Mrs. BABLI JAIN PRT B.Com (Acc.g, Business Mgmt.), M.Com (Adv.Busin. Economics), M.A. (Education), B.Ed., PGDCA, CTET
16 Mrs. BATUL HUSSAIN PRT B.Com.(Eco., Acc., Business Mgmt), M.A.(Eng), B.Ed.
17 Mrs. CHARU GUPTA PRT B.A. (Eng., Sanskrit, Geo.), M.A. (Eng.), B.Ed. Certificate in ADCA
18 Mrs. DEEPA KALE PRT B.Sc.(Chem., Phy., Maths), PGDCA, Certificate in O.A.C. (MS Word, FOC, Internet), Certificate in Computer Operations (Bhoj University)
19 Mrs. DURGESH MATHURIYA PRT B.A.(Hindi, Home Sci.), M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed.
20 Mrs. MAMTA ARYA PRT B.Com.(App.Ecp.&Bus.Mgmt), M.Com.(App.Ecp.&Bus.Mgmt), N.T.T., C.T.E.T
21 Miss MANISHA SHERWANI PRT B.Com. (Acc., Business Mgmt.), M.Com. (Marketing Mgmt.) , PGDCA
22 Mrs. MEGHNA JAIN PRT B.Com.(Acc., Mgmt., Finance), B.Ed., C.O.S.
23 Mrs. NEELAM GARG PRT B.Sc. (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology), B.Ed.
24 Mrs. NEELAM SHARMA PRT B.A.(Political Science, History, Hindi), M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed
25 Mrs. NISHA CHAUHAN PRT B.Sc.(Chem., Bio.Tech., Botany) , M.Sc. (Chem.), B.Ed.,CTET
26 Mrs. RAINA KARLA LALWANI PRT B.Sc. (Physics, Maths, Comp. Sci.), M.Sc. (Mathematics) B.Ed.
27 Mrs. RAKHI LOHIA PRT B.A.(History, Political Science, Sociology), M.A.(Eng.), B.Ed., CTET, Diploma in Electrical (N) Engineering
28 Mrs. RITA RAGHUWANSHI PRT B.Com (Accounting & Tax), M.Com (Marketing), PGDCA, B.Ed.
29 Miss SALMA SIDDIQUI PRT B.A.(Socio., Eco., Geo.), M.A.(Eco.), B.Ed., Certificate in Desktop Mgmt skill (APTECH) Computer Education
30 Mrs. SATYA PANDEY PRT B.A., M.A.(Hindi), DOA (Diploma in office automation). M.A. (Sanskrit)
31 Mrs. SHAKTI JOSHI PRT B.Sc. (Home Sci.), M.Sc.(Home Sci.), M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed., PGDCA
32 Mrs. SHALINI GUPTA PRT B.Sc.(Chem., Zoology, Botany), Diploma in System Mgmt. Comp. Lang.Foxpro, B.Ed. (Pursuing)
33 Mrs. SHIVA SEETHA PRT B.A. (Hindi Lit., Sociology, Political Sci.), M.A. (Hindi) B.Ed.
34 Mrs. SONIKA NARAYANAN PRT B.A.(Hindi, Eco., Home Sci., English), NCC, B.Ed.
36 Mrs. ANJU SAXENA TGT CO-ORDINATOR (9 & 10) B.A. (Eco. English Lit. Geography), M.A.(Economics), M.Phil., B.Ed., M.Ed.
37 Mrs. FLEXY JOSEPH TGT CO-ORDINATOR (6 TO 8) B.Com. (Acc., Business Law, Banking) M.Com (App. Eco. & Bus. Mngmt.). B.Ed., M.Ed.,PGDCA, DIEACC Sicuett ('O'Level)
38 Mr. AMOD KUMAR JOSHI TGT B.Sc. (PCM), M.Sc. (Maths), P.G. Dip. Impersonnel Mgmt & Labour Welfare, B.Ed.
39 Mr. BABU LAL MISHRA TGT B.A. (Hindi, English Lit., History), M.A.(English), PGDCA, B.Ed.
40 Mrs. FARHAT SHAKEEL TGT B.Sc. (Bot.,Zoo., Chem.), M.Sc. (Botany), B.Ed., M.Ed.
41 Miss GHAZALA IQBAL TGT B.Sc.(Mathematics), M.Sc.(Mathematics), B.Ed., PGDCA
43 Mr. JAGJIVAN LAL VISHWAKARMA TGT B.A.(Hindi, Eco.,Geo.), M.A.(Sanskrit),B.Ed
44 Mrs. JAYA THAKUR TGT B.B.A.(Business Policy, Business Taxation, Business Ethics & Social Responsibility), B.Ed. (Pursuing)
45 Mrs. LEENA ZILPE TGT B.A.(History, Political Sci., Mathematics), B.Lib., B.Ed., Diploma in Architecture, PGDCA
46 Mrs. MAMTA GOHIYA TGT B.Com (Comm.), M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed., CTET
47 Mrs. MAMTA PANDEY TGT B.Sc.(Chem., Bio.Tech., Bot.)., M.Sc.(Bio.Tech), B.Ed.
48 Miss MANJU SARYAM TGT B.A.(Sanskrit, Political Science, Geo.), B.Ed.
49 Mrs. MANJU YADAV SWAMI TGT B.A. (English, Geography, Economics, Hindi), M.A. (English), B.Ed. , PGDCA (Sem.II)
50 Mrs. MITALI KUSHWAHA TGT B.E. (Computer Aided Elect. M/c Design), Master of Technology (Energy & Environment Mgmt.), B.Ed. Diploma in Music (Vocal)
51 Mr. MUKUND JODHWANI TGT B.Sc. (Comp.Sci., Mathematics) Advanced Dip. In Mgmt., CTET, B.Ed.
52 Mrs. NEHA YADAV TGT B.Com(Computer Application, Accountancy, Business Studies), M.A. (English), B.Ed.
53 Mrs. PRIYANKA TRIHOTRI TGT B.Com(Applied Economics, Accounting, Business Mgmt), M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed., PGDCA
54 Mrs. RICHA CHETRAPAL TGT B.Sc.(Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics), M.C.A., M.A.(Eng)., B.Ed.
55 Mr. SATYENDRA KUMAR VERMA TGT B.A.(Pol.Sci., Socio., Eco., M.A.(Eco.), M.A.(Eng.), PGDCA, B.Ed.
56 Mrs. SONIYA UPADHYAY TGT B.Com.(Comm.), M.Com.(Acct. & Taxation), M.A.(Sanskrit Lit.), M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed.
57 Mrs. SWATI DANDHARE TGT B.Sc.(Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science), M.C.A.
58 Mrs. A. AJMERA PGT CO-ORDINATOR B.Com.(Business Admin., Eco., Cost Acc.), M.Com.(Acct. & Taxation), B.Ed., M.Ed.
59 Mr. DINESH RAGHUWANSHI PGT B.Sc.(PCM),M.Sc. (Mathematics), M.A.(Poli.Sci.), B.Ed., Certificate - DTP,NIIT, Digital Image Editing
60 Mr. JAIPRAKASH TIWARI PGT B.A. (Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Economics), M.A.(English Lit.), M.A.(Education), B.Ed.
61 Mr. MAHESH KUMAR PALHOEYA PGT B.Com.(Acc., Business Mgmt, Appl.Eco), Dip. In Electronics Engineering, A Level DOEACC, M.Sc.(CS)
62 Miss MONIKA CHHENIA PGT B.A.(English, Political Science Psychology), M.A.(English), B.Ed., M.Ed.
63 Mrs. PARVATI VISHWAKARMA PGT B.Com.(Comm.), M.Com. (Comm.), B.Ed., M.Ed. M.A(Economics)
64 Mrs. POONAM SHARMA PGT B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc.(Botany), B.Ed.
65 Mr. RAM LAKHAN VISHWAKARMA PGT B.Sc.(Botany, Zoology, Chemistry), , M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed., M.A. (Education), Honorary Diploma
66 Mrs. RICHA GAUR PGT B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering) , Master of Engineering (Chemical)
67 Mrs. RINKI UPADHYAY PGT B.Com (Income Tax, Company Law, Eco., Env.), M.Com. (Comm.)
68 Miss SABA AKHLAQ PGT B.A.(Eng., Political Sci., Psychology), M.A.(Eng.), B.Ed., M.Ed. Ph.D.(Edu.)
69 Dr. (Mrs.) SHALINI JAIN PGT B.Sc.(Computer Application, Physics, Mathematics), M.Sc.(Physics), B.Ed., Ph.D. (Physics)
72 Mr. AMAN KUMAR PANDEY PTI B.Com.(Acc.), B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed.
73 Mrs. BINDIYA SITOKE PTI (YOGA) B.Sc.(Chemistry, Biology, Zoology), M.Sc.(Chem.), M.Sc.(Yogic Sci.) , Diploma in AEROBICS
74 Mr. KAMLESH MEENA PTI (KARATE) B.A.(Political Sci., Eco., Geo.), B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., Trained in Martial Arts, NCC, Diploma (Karate Black Belt)
75 Mrs. KEERTI RAGHUWANSHI WELLNESS TEACHER B.A. (Sociology, History, Political Science),
M.A. (Ed.) B.Ed., PGDCA, PG Dip. In Psychological Counselling
76 Mrs. APARNA THATTE SPECIAL EDUCATOR B.H.Sc.(C.S), N.T.T., B.Ed. of Special Education
77 Ms. PRIYANKA RAJPUT COUNSELLOR B.Sc., M.A., M.Phil., P.G. Dip. Guidance & Counselling
79 Mrs. RENUKA DESHPANDE OTHERS (SCIENCE LAB) B.Sc. (Chem.Zoo, Bot), M.Sc. (Botany), B.Ed. Certificate Training in Lib.Sci., B.Lib., DTP Comp. Course
80 Mrs. ARTI TRIPATHI OTHERS (LIBRARIAN) B.Sc. (Chem., Zoology, Botany), B.Lib., M.Lib. PGDCA
81 Mrs. ROZINA YASMEEN ANSARI OTHERS (LIBRARIAN) B.A.(Psychology, Hons.), B.Lib., M.Lib.
82 Mrs. SONIKA SINGH BAIS OTHERS (LIBRARIAN) B.Sc. (Chem.Zoology, Botany), M.Sc. (Zoology),
83 Mr. SUMIT KOLHE OTHERS (MUSIC) B.E., PG Dip. In Flute, Prabhakar in flute, senio dip. In sing
84 Mrs. SWATI KAPOOR OTHERS (ART & CRAFT) B.Com.(Business Mgmt, Accounting) , Dip. In Fine Art & Craft, NTT


S.N. Workshop / Training Topics
1 Accountancy Workshop
2 Assessment and Evaluation
3 Bloom's Remised Taxonomy
4 Capacity Building Programme English
5 Capacity Building Programme on Science
6 Career Guidance
7 Changing Life Regarding Parents and Teachers
8 Classroom Management
9 CRM and Happy Classroom
10 Dealing with child Abuse and its Prevention Strategies
11 Effective Techniques in Teaching English
12 English Phonetics
13 Enrichment Programme on Business Studies
14 Exam Policy
15 Experimental Learning And Innovative Pedagogy
16 Global Teachers Meet
17 Hindi Navachar
18 Inclusive Education
19 Khelo India Fitness Assessment in schools
20 Life skill and Valve Education
21 Life Skills
22 Mitigation and Measures for Environment
23 National Education Policy
24 NCC Training
25 Pedagogical Leadership
26 Pre Disaster Preparedness
27 Principal and Leaders conclave
28 Remodeled Structure of Assessment
29 Substance Abuse Prevention
30 Teach Next
31 Teachers of 21st Century
32 Winning Secrets of Teaching Excellence



Our school understands the importance and need of today’s time to save our environment and in this direction, school continuously puts efforts to make sure that we educate our stake holders through lectures, workshops, rallies, cultural programs, presentations. As an environmentally responsible School, we have installed Solar Power Generation Unit, Rainwater Harvesting System, and planted large number of trees and plants. We conduct regular workshops with NGOs to spread the cause of saving environment. Our Students and Teachers always provide helping hands when ever local administration calls for environment related issues such as Desilting exercise in the Bhopal Lake or cleaning exercise in the local parks.


School understands that innovation is the necessity for better development of students as the new social, economic, environmental and technical disruptions are going to push the benchmark for future students. Under the guidance of CBSE, we try our best to exploit the potential of our infrastructure, parents, students and staff members to innovate through lateral thinking and experimental methods.


Year Cand. Enrolled
in Secondary
Sec. Pass % Cand. Enrolled
in Sr. Secondary
Sr. Sec. Pass % Total No. of Enrolled
2020 131 98.4 117 94.9 248
2019 129 100 141 85.8 270
2018 120 99.1 121 79.2 241


For a school to function better, effectively and for the student's welfare, it is important for both the teachers and parents to come together. Our school understands the importance and necessity of connecting teachers and parents and thus, a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is formed. Our PTA committee consists of parents, teachers, heads and counsellors. The PTA committee meetings are held twice in an academic session, one in the beginning of session and second after half yearly exam. PTA looks into the educational and co-curricular development of students in the school.

  • School conduct PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) every month. It help teachers to understand students from the Parent's perspective and vice versa. It helps to know all about the functioning of the school, problems and so on. School accepts suggestions from parents.
  • Parents orientation program are organized in school every year, to make parents aware about the culture and functioning of the school.
  • School teaches students to show gratitude and respect for the older generation by celebrating Grand Parents Day.
  • To encourage people, to inculcate physical activity and sports in everyday routine, school celebrated "Fit India Movement" where parents were also involved.
  • With the combine efforts of students, teachers parents the school planted plants around the school campus in support of "Green Bhopal – Cool Bhopal".


S.N. Class No. of Sections No. of Students
1 Kindergarten 6 110
2 I 3 99
3 II 3 111
4 III 4 141
5 IV 3 122
6 V 4 143
7 VI 3 136
8 VII 3 118
9 VIII 3 130
10 IX 3 116
11 X 3 121
12 XI 4 109
13 XII 4 125

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