Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School, Bhopal
O Mother of Knowledge, Lead us from the Darkness of Ignorance to the Light of Knowledge


The Management and Teachers of Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School have transformed their VISION of extending Public School culture to the tiny tots into a REALITY. Keeping in view the desire of the guardians, a unit of Kamla Nehru Hr. Sec. School, i.e. Sunshine Kindergarten was given a separate identity. Its aim was to strengthen the base of the children, i.e. to prepare the saplings all set for being transplanted successfully in the primary section. The tiny tots feel so excited to come to school due to Mini Theatre, Activity Room, Kids Park, Active Wiz Kid Classes, and Colorful Classrooms etc. that their parents do not need to be troubled any more, and bag less system is followed here.

We lay stress upon developing basic language skills with the help of phonetics and conversation. A sound knowledge of phonetics helps the child to build spellings independently. Special periods are being kept for activity room, doll house, Active Wiz Kid, active learning etc. 

Activity based learning ensures ever smiling faces of the kids. The curriculum is child-centered and all the activities are planned according to the needs and abilities of the child. Various celebrations in school and round-the year activities allow for self expression experimentation and questioning; thereby developing a scientific temper. There is a perfect balance of active and quiet activities, structured and the free-play activities.

The teachers here are like second Parents to the children and nurture them with same tender care while imparting knowledge to them. We endeavor to educate our little loved ones in a manner that would fill the sunshine of happiness and knowledge in their lives. By slowly empowering our children through knowledge, right attitude, skill and mental & physical dexterity, we teach them to carve themselves a niche in society. We feel that knowledge is the best source of energy for a good human being. Accordingly, we gradually, evolve our students into knowledgeable, mature and responsible members of the society.

Pre-nursery education has been designed and conceived by our highly experienced kindergarten teachers. It blends the best educational techniques to create the right environment for the Pre-Nursery children at the newly constructed, activity programme.

Our focus at the pre-primary level is to make the transition between the secure home environment and formal schooling interesting and as smooth as possible for the child. Emphasis is on nurturing the child's imagination, creativity and providing him opportunities to express himself freely.